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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cover Comparison Thursday: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Cover Comparison Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by me to showcase international covers of a certain book, and share opinions on each.

<-- U.S.

I do like this cover, as it really shows the major themes of Percy Jackson's story/adventure. I especially like the lightning bolt and the empire state building in the background, and also how Percy is traveling - and kind of commanding - the water.

Verdict: I would pick up this book (in fact, I already have!!)
Score: 9/10

Japan -->

Yuck. All the Japanese covers I compare are starting to all look the same-- like a comic book. This would not at all stand out among other covers. It's also hard to tell what exactly is on the cover, because it's all gray and black.

Verdict: No thanks, I'll pass without a second thought.
Score: 1/10

<-- British #1

I love the words at the top: "Half boy, half god, all hero," because that pretty much describes the entire book in 6 words. I would buy it based of those words alone, no book description needed! I don't really like the color scheme.. the pukey yellow and the brown reminds me of a rotten banana.

Verdict: I would probably pick this one up, though I'd be hesitant because of the colors.
Score: 6.8/10

Bristish #2 -->

I actually really like this, probably more so than the other British version. I love the simple blue and gold (very regal and god like) but I'm a little iffy on the shoe. It makes it look really young. I know this series is middle grade/crossover YA, but the shoe is just really young, and not a huge part of the story.

Verdict: I think I would pick this up.
Score: 7/10

<-- Sweden

I'm sort of bored just looking at this one. Nothing pops out-- good or bad. I like the lightning, but everything else is just......... *snores* Not impressed.

Verdict: I probably wouldn't even notice this on the shelf.
Score: 5/10

Overall, I like the US version the best (and not because it's the cover I own:)

*If you participated this week, leave your link in the comment sections and I'll be sure to stop by!*


Nomes said...

I like the US one too - plus we have a different one here in Australia that I really like :) I know what you mean about the Japanese covers :)

I did covers for Before I Die this week :)

E.J. Wesley said...

If the Japanese have shown us anything, it's that they're crazy. :0)

I love this series though ... Have you read the Red Pyramid? (Riordan's latest) It's really great.

erinjade said...

i kind of like the one with the shoe, actually. but i haven't read the book, so if it's not a big part of the story, i can see why that would turn you off.
i also like the U.S. cover, as always. :)

brandileigh2003 said...

I like Sweden

Bea said...

My favorite is the U.S. cover as well. Looks like that's the Minotaur on the cover of the Japanese one...maybe cultural differences affect the style?

Rachele Alpine said...

I like makes the book look more mature and current. I'd pick that copy up!

Emma Michaels said...

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Emma Michaels

P.S.- My release date if Friday the 13th (August this year) isn't that crazy?

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