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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Epic Books in 2011

Happy 2011! We're now one year closer to the Apocalypse. If 2011 turns out to be an incredibly dull year, we always have the end-of-the-world to entertain us (for a little while, at least. then it just gets scary :O )

Now things I'm actually looking
forward to are.....


Shiver and Linger were both stunning.... let's hope Forever lives up to them!


One: the cover is jaw dropping
Two: the premise is equally jaw dropping
Three: debut author!


Sequel to If I Stay, one of the most beautiful, moving, and heart breaking books I've ever read.


Sequel to the Body Finder, which was one of the most refreshing paranormal books I've read in a really, really long time


Another gorgeous cover and premise from a debut author!


Third in the series, one of my fav fluffy summer reads!


I have been waiting for this book FOREVER and it's nearly here... another debut author as well!

2011 looks like an epic year for YA books... what are you guys looking forward too?
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