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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review: Take Me There by Carolee Dean

Title: Take Me There
Author: Carolee Dean
Release Date: July 2010
Simon and Schuster
Length: 327
Source: Publisher
Format: ARC

Dylan has a bad-boy past and a criminal record. He knows that rich, beautiful Jess is way too good for him—but she has always been the one person who sees through his tough exterior and straight to his heart, and he has been hopelessly in love with her from the first time they met. He would change his life for a chance with her.

But trouble follows Dylan wherever he goes, and a deadly mistake soon forces him to hit the road and leave his dreams behind. He’s on the run and in search of answers—answers to questions he wishes he’d never asked.

Ok, so I admit I thought this was going to be a fluffy, verging on dull/predictable/ordinary story.


Wrong wrong wrong.

This book was deep, powerful, emotional, and tugged on my heartstrings like so few books have. The narrator, Dylan, had a strong and believable voice, and even though he has made some stupid choices, I couldn't help but find some way to identify with him and his struggles. And who doesn't love a bad boy who writes poetry?

Part mystery, part love story, part self discovery, this book is unlike any other book I've read. It made me appreciate the things my parents sacrifice for me, and what they sacrifice for each other. Carolee wrote with determination and that shone through her characters and her plot.

Please do yourself a favor and read this book. It has the power to change you in a way you don't quite understand.

1. Characters 20/20
2. Writing 20/20
3. Plot 21/20
4. Accurate YA voice 20/20
5. Cover 9/10
6. Title 9/10

Overall score: 99 or A


Sarah said...

Oh wow! I want to read this so bad now! This sounds amazing. Thanks for the review.

Aubrie said...

Wow, this does look like a good book, and it's told from a male pov.

Anonymous said...

I really really really want to read this book! Dylan sounds so sweet! <3 Great review :)

Abby said...

Ok, I want to read this book now.

Bee said...

Ooh, I thought this was gonna be a predictable story as well, so I passed this up. Dang! I so wanna read it now :)

Dazzling Mage said...

I also thought it was going to be a somewhat cute read. But if there is depth and great characters, I am so reading this!

Awesome review!

Bea said...

From the synopsis I got the same "predictable" impression, but now I'm interested in it after your review.

molly YEH! said...

wow that looks great! i do need some more summer reading :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! This sounds brilliant!

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